4 Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Solar Panel Efficiency

You made an investment in your home when you opted for solar panels. These panels can help lower your utility bills and minimize your carbon footprint. In order to take full advantage of these benefits, it’s important to maximize your solar panel efficiency. Keep reading to discover some tips and tricks for ensuring your solar panels' efficiency.

1. Keep in Optimal Position and Correct Angle

You can still benefit from solar panels no matter the position or angle, but when you maintain the optimal position and angle, you're going to get the full benefits. Your solar panels should be positioned to receive maximum sunlight throughout each day. You should be checking the position and angle of your panels every month or two.

2. Clean and Perform Maintenance Regularly

Like any other appliance or tool in your home, you need to clean and maintain your solar panels regularly. It's a good idea to have your solar panels cleaned and inspected every six months, although you may need cleaning and maintenance more often.

3. Shade Management

Solar panels thrive on sunlight. However, there may be times when your panels are in the shade because of trees on your property and the weather. When spring arrives and leaves bloom on your trees, you may need to manage the amount of shade keeping your solar panels from being efficient.

4. Inspect for Damage From Animals

Birds, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other animals may find your solar panels fascinating or a good place for them to nest. These critters can break, chip, and cause other extensive damage your solar panels, causing them to work inefficiently or not at all. Be sure to inspect your panels for damage regularly and consider installing preventative wildlife control solutions to protect your solar panels.

Critter Guard Helps Keep Your Solar Panels Safe From Animals and Other Pests

If pests and animal damage are a real concern in your area, you want to take steps now to avoid problems later. Critter Guard has a full line of products that can help prevent wildlife from accessing solar panels and causing damage. Contact us today to learn more!