4 Ways Birds Can Damage Your Solar Panel Investment

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to protect our environment and save your household energy costs in the long run. With the benefits they can bring to your home and the world, it's no wonder that so many are choosing to invest in solar panels for their personal and business properties.

In order to most enjoy your solar technology, you'll want the peace of mind that comes with knowing it's protected. Unfortunately, solar panels' placement on your roof can leave them susceptible to damages from birds and other critters. Keep reading to learn more about how birds can damage solar panels and how you can better protect your investment.

1. Perching Birds Can Scratch/Scuff Solar Panels

Birds perching on top of your solar panels can scratch or scuff the surface. These scratches and damages can lead to decreased function and is not ideal for the longevity of your solar panels.

2. Birds Nesting Under Solar Panels Can Lead to Corrosion

Due to their warmth, birds love nesting under solar panels. However, a high presence of nesting birds beneath your panels can cause corrosion. The last thing you want is damaging substances, like bird droppings, to be introduced to your investment.

3. Birds May Fly into the Glass

Much like windows, if birds fly directly into your solar panels, damage can be done to the glass. Whether it's cracking or an outright break, these collisions can wreak havoc on the life and efficiency of your solar panels.

4. Birds Can Attract Other Pests

A high presence of birds near your solar panels can attract other animals as well. Some wildlife such as snakes and even squirrels enjoy feasting on birds and bird eggs. If you allow birds to build shelters underneath your solar panels, the installation of the panels could be compromised by other animals on the hunt.

Effective Bird Control to Protect Your Solar Panels

At Critter Guard, we understand the negative impact birds can have on your solar panels. Our BirdBloc product is designed to dissuade birds and protect your investment. The smell of the product is specifically engineered to repulse birds, while having no negative effect on you or your solar panels. To learn more about BirdBloc and how it can help keep birds away from your property, contact us today!