4 Ways Pests Can Damage Your Roof

Your roof may not be something you think about being easily damaged or vulnerable to pests. However, pests can damage your roof in a number of ways. Keep reading to discover four ways different pests can damage your roof.

1. Bird Droppings Can Rot Your Roof

Bird excrement is highly acidic and can cause metals, including metal roofs, to corrode more rapidly. Pigeons, which are common in cities, produce the most uric acid in their droppings and are well known for causing damage to bronze statues. Bird droppings can also damage shingles, eat through paint and, if excessive, clog your gutters. Trimming trees back from your roof can reduce the amount of bird droppings by reducing places above the roof where birds can perch. Bird deterrents such as BirdBloc also work by encouraging them to nest or perch elsewhere.

2. Roof Rats Chew Through Roof Insulation

Roof rats, also called black rats or ship rats, like to live in your roof because they can climb, while many of their predators cannot. When they get into the roof, they can be hard to get rid of and can cause damage by ripping up insulation and chewing through electrical wires. Trimming overhanging trees can remove a highway they use to get to the roof. However, roof rats also use power lines to gain access to roofs. Fortunately, our Line Guard and Pole Guard products can be used to prevent these critters from using power lines to access roofs.

3. Squirrels Create Holes and Nest in Attics

Squirrels also love to nest on your roof and in attics. If allowed onto your roof, they can tear up insulation, chew through wires and, being slightly larger, even damage the roof material itself, creating holes and causing leaks. Luckily, squirrels can also be kept at bay by trimming trees and using Line Guards and Pole Guards.

4. Raccoons Rip Holes in Roofs

Last, but not least, raccoons can cause substantial damage to your roof. They often jump onto roofs and tear holes in order to move into your attic or roof void. Due to their size and claws, raccoons can wreak a lot of havoc and more once they get inside.

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The best way to keep these critters off your roof is to install preventative pest control solutions, such as Critter Guard’s Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc products. To find out more about how we can help, contact Critter Guard today!