5 Common Problems Power Outages Can Cause at Home

Today, it’s easy to take your electricity for granted. However, when an outage occurs, you face more than just a loss of light. Keep reading to discover common problems power outages can cause at home.

1. Appliance and Electronic Equipment Damage

While a complete power outage itself may not cause much harm to appliances and electronic equipment, the surge of electricity accompanying power restoration can cause severe damage. It's important to unplug everything when the power fails. Damage can also occur when power is inconsistently delivered to your devices, such as during a brownout.

2. Damage to Computer Equipment

Older computers, in particular, are susceptible to damage from power outages. When a computer does not follow its shutdown sequence, you may experience performance issues and data loss upon power restoration. Computers that remain plugged in can also be susceptible to power surges or voltage spikes when power is restored.

3. Medical Equipment Failures

During a power outage, medical equipment failures can be dangerous for a patient. When a home oxygen concentrator goes down or a dialysis machine stops working, a patient may need to be rushed to an emergency room. Spare batteries can keep a bad situation from becoming tragic, but power outages affecting those with health issues are can be truly frightening.

4. Frozen Pipes

A power outage during the cold winter months can be more than just a temporary inconvenience. If the power remains off too long, the cold temperature could freeze the water in your pipes. As that water freezes, it expands and may cause the pipes to burst. Many homeowners are unaware that this has happened, and after the power has been restored, they find themselves with flooded basements, bathrooms, and other areas.

5. HVAC Damage

A power outage can also damage your HVAC system. If your air conditioning is running when the power fails, the compressor can't cycle off and may overheat. An outage could also interrupt your AC unit's cooling process. Power surges can trip your circuit boards or cause the motor, capacitor, or relay switch to fail.

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