5 Dangerous Mistakes to Avoid During a Power Outage

Power outages may occur for several reasons – storms, accidents, animal interference – but they often happen without warning. In order to prevent damages, prevent extra costs from racking up, and remain safe, check out these five dangerous mistakes to avoid when a power outage occurs.

1. Keeping Your Appliances Plugged In

Many people leave their appliances plugged in and keep the light switches on to alert them when power comes back. However, should a power surge occur, this can be incredibly dangerous and costly. In order to prevent damage to your appliances and eliminate the risk of potential fire hazards, be sure to unplug all devices during a power outage.

2. Leaving Candles Unattended

When the lights go out, the most natural reaction is to find alternative lighting sources. While candles are often a ready and cheap source of light, they require close monitoring. Be sure to extinguish any burning candles before walking out of a room or use other alternative lighting sources such as flashlights or lanterns.

3. Running Outdoor Equipment Indoors

During a power outage, you may be tempted to run outdoor equipment, such as a portable generator, from the comfort of your indoor space. Such equipment produces carbon monoxide, which can turn deadly if it accumulates in your house without proper ventilation. It is best to keep outdoor equipment, such as generators and grills, outside.

4. Opening and Closing the Refrigerator Door

Your freezer and refrigerator can maintain proper temperatures for at least four hours if left unopened. However, repeatedly opening and closing the refrigerator door allows the cold air to escape and food to spoil. To ensure your food lasts as long as possible during a power outage, be sure to only open the fridge or freezer when absolutely necessary.

5. Going Near Pooling Water

Storms can often be the cause of power outages. Power outages during inclement weather can mean downed power lines, some of which may be hanging in water. To ensure your safety, be sure to give any pooling water during a power outage a wide berth.

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