5 Essential Tips to Protect Your Home from Snakes During Stormy Weather

5 Essential Tips to Protect Your Home from Snakes During Stormy Weather

After a flood, heavy rain, or storm, snakes can become displaced from their habitat, causing them to seek alternative places for food and shelter. Snakes will sometimes climb up utility poles and across power lines in search for food, such as bird and rodents. This often leads them able to easily access your home's roof and attic.

Keep reading to discover some tips on how you can prevent snakes from entering your home after a flooding or storm event.

1. Use Snake Repellent

Snake repellent can help prevent and deter snakes from entering your home. Chemical repellent is available at most hardware stores and there are quite a few natural options to choose from if taking this approach to prevent snakes from moving into your home.

2. Trim Your Yard

Keeping any vegetation in your yard trimmed and grass cut helps to reduce areas where snakes are more likely to hide. You should remove debris, wood piles and leaves that may act as a suitable hiding place for snakes.

3. Seal Cracks

Snakes can crawl into cracks in concrete, wooden porches, and roofs. They move within cracks and sealing them is essential to prevent them from entering your home.

4. Keep Doors and Windows Shut

Always keep your doors and windows shut to keep pests out. However, if you want to keep them open for fresh air, consider purchasing a screen. A screen can prevent pests and snakes from entering your home.

5. Inspect Your Home

Home inspection is essential to ensure that you don't suffer from snake infestation after a heavy storm. Your home can harbor pests like rodents, which are considered as food by snakes. Inspecting your home will help deal with both a pest and snake infestation problem. A professional pest control expert can help create a working plan to prevent any future infestation.

Critter Guard Snake Prevention Solutions

As snakes can access your home by climbing across power lines and utility poles, our Pole Guard and Line Guard products at Critter Guard are designed to help. Our pest control products block animals from climbing across power lines and accessing your home, as well as protect critical power equipment from damage.

To learn more about how our wildlife control solutions can help prevent snakes from accessing your home after a storm, contact us today.