5 Factors That Influence Electricity Rates

Electricity rates can vary greatly across the globe. Many factors can help determine your personal electricity rate that you may not have even considered. Check out these common factors that influence the price of electricity and how Critter Guard can help lower your electricity rates.

1. Location

Where you live will play a pretty important factor in calculating your electricity rate. Local fuel costs vary from city to city, as well as power plant availability. Both of these will directly influence the rate on your electricity bill.

2. Weather

When electricity consumption goes up, so does the electricity rate. Severe weather and hot temperatures typically bring a rise in electricity consumption. People will likely use more electricity during the warmer summer months, causing demand to increase, as well as the cost.

3. Fuel Costs

Without fuel, electricity cannot be generated and delivered. The price of fuel varies greatly from state to state. Your electricity rate will be directly related to the price of fuel in your area.

4. Regulations

Regulations vary from state to state. Some states have fully regulated electricity prices, while others have a combination of regulated and unregulated prices. Energy regulations include service and utility commissions and transmission and distribution systems.

5. Transmission and Distribution

In order for electricity to be readily available, distribution systems need to be built and maintained. In addition to building these systems, regular upkeep and repairs on power lines and relay stations must be made to keep the whole system running smoothly. These maintenance costs will affect the electricity rate in your area.

How Critter Guard Can Lower Your Rates

Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard products work to reduce the need for maintenance and repair on power lines by preventing damage caused by wildlife. This reduces maintenance costs and can potentially lower electricity rates in areas where Critter Guard products are implemented. To learn more about our humane wildlife control products and how they can potentially lower your electricity rates, contact us today!