power lines protected from critters with critter guard

Power lines, utility poles, transformers, and other electrical systems are essential to our everyday, modern life. Keeping this equipment protected is a must as power helps us stay connected, comfortable, and keeps our businesses running. One threat to these power systems, especially power lines, is wildlife such as squirrels, opossums, birds, snakes, and more. Keep reading to learn more about different types of power lines, their importance, and how to keep power lines in your area protected.

Types of Power Lines

A few common types of power lines include:

  1. Static Wire – The static wire is the top line of the utility pole and is connected to the grounding conductor. The purpose of this wire is to bleed off lightning surges during storms, protecting the equipment from damage.
  2. Transmission Line – Transmission lines refer to the high-voltage three-phase alternating current wires that are used to distribute power from substations to various distribution units.
  3. Grounding Conductor – The grounding conductor is the multi-grounded neutral line and allows for a return of electricity from the substation.
  4. Primary and Secondary Line - The primary line, similar to transmission lines, carries high-voltage power from substations to other distribution units. The secondary line carries lower-voltage power from distribution units to homes and businesses.
  5. Communications Lines – Communication lines are cable, broadband, and telephone lines that allow us to stay connected.

Impact of Wildlife

Squirrels, rats, opossums, and other critters can frequently damage various types of power lines through biting, climbing, and running across them. This damage can lead to a loss of electricity and communications for hours, days, or even weeks!

Protect Power Lines With Critter Guard

One way to keep power lines and wildlife protected is by investing in Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard systems. Our humane wildlife controls guards go over the respective equipment (utility poles, power lines, and even trees) to deter squirrels and other critters from climbing and running across these systems. If you're noticing that wildlife is damaging the electrical poles and wires in your area, or for more information regarding our products, contact us today!