5 Places Opossums Nest In and Around Homes

Opossums are scavenging pests. While they naturally live in wooded areas, they can also take shelter in and around your home. They leave behind tiny paw tracks, make noise at night, and can even damage your home and property as they look for shelter. If you think you might have opossums around your home, here are five places where they might be taking shelter.

1. Attic

Attics are warm, sheltered spaces—which opossums love. These critters can chew their way into your attic through the drywall and insulation. If you hear scratching, rustling, and thumping at night in the attic, you might have an opossum infestation.

2. Garage

Garages are even easier for opossums to enter. You might see scratches and wall damage, smell or see a nest in the corner or rafters, and hear hissing or vocalizations.

3. In Your Walls

Sometimes, opossums will also nest in your home's walls. You'll hear them scurrying around at night, and they often make chittering, grumbling, and hissing sounds. Look for paw tracks and act fast if you smell droppings or urine around your exterior walls.

4. In the Roof

While rats are the common suspect if you think you have critters in your roof, opossums can also seek shelter in the insulation. But because they are often larger, you'll notice more wiring damage, bigger depressions in your insulation, and larger holes and openings. Opossums can even knock downlights out of position. Listen for thumping noises rather than a quicker pitter-patter of rats.

5. Outdoor Shelters

Outside spaces are even more vulnerable to opossum nests, especially if you live in milder climates where heated shelter isn't necessary. You can come across opossum nests in (or under) your shed, in wood piles, and under floating wooden decks.

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