5 Signs You May Be Hosting Birds in Your Attic

If able, birds will often seek refuge in your attic when seeking protection from predators or to escape cold or harsh weather conditions. Once inside, birds can wreak havoc in your attic and even pose as a health hazard to you, your family, and your pets. Keep reading to discover six signs of birds in your attic and how to prevent birds from entering your attic in the first place.

1. You Hear Noises

Depending on the amount of insulation you have in your attic, bird sounds may be faint. However, if you hear scratching, wings flapping, or the nasal whining sounds of nestlings, it’s likely you have birds living in your attic.

2. Holes in the Roof

A higher number of the birds that nest in houses are small birds such as martins, sparrows, and wrens. These birds enter the attic through small spaces on the roof. If you notice signs of birds in your attic, it is crucial to have a pest control expert inspect your roof and attic ventilation and remove any birds or other wildlife that may be living in your attic.

3. You and Your Pets are Getting Itchy

If you and your pets are feeling itchy, this may be a sign of birds in your attic. Lice and mites often live among birds and their nesting areas. The mite and lice population increases over time, and this causes them to seek new hosts, which may include you, your family, and your pets.

4. Concentrated Droppings

Another sign of birds in your attic is concentrated feces at the entrance point used by the birds to get in and out of the attic. If you notice feces, feathers, and nesting materials on parts of your roof, you should have a pest control expert inspect your attic.

5. Respiratory Problems

Birds produce waste that is harmful to breathe in, especially when the birds are in a confined space. Bird waste can cause severe respiratory infections. Additionally, those who are allergic to animal dander will experience some discomfort in coping with a bird infestation.

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