5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Pests Away

Different seasons bring different pests. During the spring season, the warmer weather and changes in daylight length contribute to increased pest activity. As such, rodents, raccoons, birds, ants and snakes can quickly invade your property at this time. Fortunately, giving your home a thorough cleaning can help to keep pesky pests at bay. Check out these five spring cleaning tips to keep the unwanted guests away.

1. Eliminate Clutter

Piles of clutter provide shelter and excellent hiding spots for pests, making them difficult to detect. This is particularly true when junk piles up in spaces that often go undisturbed such as garages, attics, and basements.

To eliminate and prevent pest infestations, keep your home clutter-free and organized. Get rid of unnecessary items, store your valuables properly, and sweep inside your home.

2. Fix Leaks and Eliminate Standing Water

Many pests are attracted to moisture. Moisture provides water for pests to drink and survive, creates a humid environment in which they can thrive, and is a breeding ground for certain pests.

To keep pests at bay, take steps to prevent moisture buildup. Fix leaky water sources, get rid of stagnant water both inside and outside your home, seal cracks and gaps, and ensure proper ventilation.

3. Store Food Properly

Failing to store food properly can attract pests to your home. To keep these unwanted guests out, make it difficult for them to get access to food. Be sure to store any leftover foods in properly sealed, airtight plastic or glass containers. Similarly, dispose of food scraps or spills immediately and wash your dishes regularly.

4. Trim Bushes and Trees

When it comes to pest control, outside care is just as important as inside care. Plants near or touching your house not only provide food and shelter for pests but can also serve as a bridge through which they access the indoors. To prevent pests from invading your space this spring, keep trees, bushes, and hedges trimmed and as far away from your home as possible.

5. Secure Garbage

The organic waste you store in your home provides optimal living conditions for many pests. Apart from producing odors which attract the creatures, garbage provides their basic needs such as food and protection. To reduce the likelihood of an infestation, place all of your trash completely inside a garbage bag and secure it. Also, remember to empty and clean your trash can regularly.

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