5 Summer Pest Control Tips

Many homeowners face a significant challenge of keeping pests away during the summer. The high summer temperature favors rodents, bugs, and multiple other types of pests which can invade your property.

Fortunately, there are key measures homeowners can take to keep pests away from their home. Keep reading to check out these five summer pest control tips.

1. Eliminate of Standing Water

During summer, it is essential to avoid keeping water in flowerpots or buckets and to remove any standing water in gutters or around your property. Standing water provides a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and often attracts thirsty critters like rodents and birds.

Thankfully, your swimming pool is not a form of standing water, and the chlorine actually assists in repelling pests.

2. Trim Your Landscape

An overgrown landscape provides a perfect breeding ground for bugs and pests. Cutting your grass regularly can help prevent critters like snakes and rodents from seeking shelter on your property.

It is essential to get rid of weeds to prevent them from growing in areas that are landscaped; overgrown weeds can attract pests into your home. You can use weed control products to prevent them from overgrowing.

3. Inspect Outdoor Furniture

Several pests can be found in your outdoor or backyard furniture. Pests like spiders and mice have a tendency of using outdoor furniture as shelter.

Peppermint oil and insect repellent can help in protecting your outdoor furniture from pest infestation.

4. Clean Your Kitchen Regularly

A dirty kitchen provides a good hiding place for pests. Therefore, it's essential to regularly clean kitchen counters and keep all food in containers tightly sealed. Keeping your kitchen floor and counters clean provides you with a good chance of preventing pests from invading your home.

5. Keep Attics or Basements Well-ventilated or Dry

If your basement or attic is not well-ventilated, it can lead to growth of molds and provide a good breeding ground for pests and insects. Measures to keep your attic dry and ventilated include using a dehumidifier, insulating water pipes, installing downspouts or gutters and using water-resistant paint.

Prevent Pest This Summer With Critter Guard

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