5 Tips for Effective Bird Pest Control

Birds can cause many problems for businesses and property owners, including damage to buildings, health hazards, and aggressive behaviors. The key to effective bird pest control is to take a comprehensive approach addressing the various factors that may attract birds to your building. If you are experiencing issues with birds on your property, check out these several steps you can take to effectively deter birds.

1. Encourage Employees to Avoid Behaviors that Attract Birds

Allowing birds to become accustomed to being fed or finding food on your property will make them more likely to return and potentially cause problems. Avoiding such behaviors is key. This includes things like not feeding the birds, properly disposing of trash, and not leaving doors and windows open unnecessarily.

2. Consider Installing Automatic Doors

Automatic doors can effectively prevent birds from entering buildings, as they can be programmed only to open when someone approaches. This can be especially useful in areas where birds are known to congregate, such as immediate outdoor eating areas or trash disposal areas.

3. Maintain an Insect Control Program

Birds are often attracted to buildings because of the insects that may be present. By controlling the insect population on your property, you can help reduce the likelihood of birds being attracted to your building.

4. Inspect Your Building for Common Areas Where Birds Will Congregate

Look for areas where birds might perch, such as ledges, signs, or overhangs. Also, check for any openings or gaps in the building that might provide easy access for birds. Install bird repellents or deterrents, like Critter Guard’s BirdBloc, in these areas to help keep birds away from your building.

5. Use Exclusion Methods to Keep Birds from Entering Your Building

This can be as simple as sealing gaps and openings around windows, doors, and vents or installing screens or netting over openings. To help prevent birds from gathering near your building in the first place, try installing Critter Guard’s bird deterrent, BirdBloc.

Contact Critter Guard for Effective Bird Pest Control Solutions

At Critter Guard, our BirdBloc product is a thorough bird control solution for your building or property. To learn more about BirdBloc, or for more bird pest control tips, contact us today!