5 Tips to Keep Opossums Away from Your Home

Attempting to keep opossums away from your yard and home may seem like a daunting task, but you have a few options that you can consider. Depending on what works for you and your home, here are just a few things you can do to help keep opossums away from your home.

1. Maintain A Clean Yard

One of the first things opossums look for when searching for food and a place to scavenge is places to hide. If you have a clean and tidy yard, this will eliminate the ability for them to nest and find new places to stay. They'll keep moving along to the next yard.

2. Add Motion Lights and Sprinkler

Opossums like to be discreet when navigating yards and properties. If you have lights and sprinklers that are activated when motion is detected, you'll deter them from entering and staying in that area. They want to be in dark places where they're hidden and feel safe, and motion lights and sprinklers will scare them and keep them away.

3. Remove Open Food Sources

If you have pets outside or like to feed stray cats on your property, it’s important to keep the food stored properly and not left out. Leaving dog food or cat food lying around will attract opossums to your home. In addition, be sure to keep your trash cleaned up and not exposed. Opossums will tip over trash cans and rip bags apart if they can get to it easily in their search for food.

4. Add Scents To Your Yard

There are some smells that opossums refuse to be around, and you can put them out around your property to deter them. If you can stand the smell of moth balls, they go great under your home, and in any buildings you have on the property. If you have a garden, mix some peppermint oil with water, and spray around the perimeter of the garden and your home every few days as a way to repel the opossums.

5. Seal Points of Entry

In some instances, opossums may not only inhabit your yard but also infiltrate your home. It is imperative to ensure that your home is properly sealed, with all cracks securely addressed to prevent any potential entry points for these critters.

At Critter Guard, our wildlife control solutions are designed to prevent opossums from gaining access to your roof and home via nearby tress, utility poles, and power lines. To learn more about our wildlife control products, contact us today!