5 Tips to Prevent Wildlife Damage

If you live in a rural area, you're probably adept at dealing with animals wandering on your property. Even those living in suburban and urban areas may have dealt with the errant raccoon or badger in the backyard. However, animals on your property are one thing. Keeping them from accessing and damaging your property is another.

Common pests not only make noises and leave droppings but can also destroy your insulation, foundation, and furniture. To make matters worse, a lot of routine animal damage is not covered by homeowners' insurance. Keep reading to discover a few tips to keep in mind to help prevent wildlife damage.

1. Identify and Block Entry Points

One of the first things to do is make sure that animals don't have access to your home. Check your foundation and roofing for potential entry points, and keep your doors closed, especially if you have pets.

2. Repair Any Structural Damage

Over time, the wear and tear and weather exposure can weaken elements of your home, making it easier for raccoons, opossums, and other critters to get in. Roofing and other routine maintenance inspections by qualified contractors should be performed to ensure no holes are developing.

3. Fix Any Leaks

Leaking plumbing can erode your home's structural integrity and create potential access points for common pests. Regular plumbing maintenance and repair is in order to keep your home secure.

4. Remove Garbage Regularly

Pests are attracted to the scent of possible food sources. So make sure you take your garbage out regularly to be hauled away by sanitation. Also, make sure no food or debris accumulates near or around your home.

5. Install Preventative Pest Control Solutions

In addition to the first four tips, using pesticide-free prevention measures like Critter Guard is ideal. Critter Guard’s Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc products are designed to prevent wildlife from accessing your home, roof, and important electrical equipment.

To learn more about how you can keep animals out and prevent damage easily with our affordable and humane wildlife control solutions, contact us at Critter Guard today!