5 Types of Animals That Live in Chimneys

Throughout the year, several animals often seek refuge in chimneys for warmth and shelter. This can lead to foul odors, the introduction of disease and fleas into your home, and damage to your home and chimney. Keep reading to discover a few of the animals that often take up residence in chimneys and how Critter Guard can help prevent such animals from gaining access to your chimney.

1. Birds

Some birds prefer to nest in chimneys than in hollow trees. Chimney swifts are examples of birds that can take temporary residence in your chimney due to their ability to fly vertically. Due to the laws that protect them, there is not much that can be done once they’ve made themselves at home.

Birds like doves, sparrows and finches can also be found in your home's chimney. Proper maintenance through regular cleaning, the installation of chimney caps, and the use of Critter Guard’s BirdBloc are a few methods that can keep the birds out.

2. Bats

Chimneys resemble caves and trees, and this makes them a perfect dwelling place for bats. Bats are protected by law just like chimney swifts, and this means that you should avoid removing them by yourself. The best way to eradicate bats from your chimney is by hiring an animal control expert.

3. Squirrels

Squirrels are good climbers, and catching or reaching them is difficult when they make their way into your chimney. They are good evaders and getting rid of them will require the help of a wildlife control expert.

4. Raccoons

There is a high likelihood of female raccoons entering your chimney to birth their young ones. The best method of deterring raccoons is by installing a chimney cap. Raccoons can attack you when they see you as a threat, and it is wise to seek help from an animal control expert.

5. Rats

Rats and other rodents can gain access to your chimney via small holes. They can gain access to your chimney by climbing from the ground level in their quest to find a suitable nesting place. Inspect your fireplace regularly for holes and seal them. You can also seek rat removal services from a professional animal control expert.

Critter Guard Solutions

At Critter Guard, our humane wildlife control products are designed to help prevent animals from accessing your roof and entering your chimney. To learn more about our pest control products, contact us today!