5 Ways Mice Can Damage Your Property

Whether you're in the climb-on-the-chair camp or the aren't-they-cute group, mice can cause extensive damage to your home and property. These little critters love to call your home theirs. However, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as they arrive, or better yet, stop them from finding their way in. Keep reading to discover five ways mice can damage your property.

1. Contaminate Food

A mouse has to eat, and he's more than happy to eat whatever is in your pantry or cupboards. Once he tiptoes through your dry goods, you’ll need to toss everything out to avoid any contamination.

2. Chew On Wires

Mice like to gnaw on things, and wires make a nice choice. However, they don't distinguish between electric or cable wires and other items they can chew on. Damaged electrical wires can end up costing you thousands on repairs or result in a fire hazard.

3. Burrow Into Insulation

Mice like a nice soft place to nest, and your home's insulation makes an ideal option. You rely on your insulation to keep your home comfortable and utility bills lower. Damaged insulation will not only cost you a pretty penny to replace, it can also lead to increased utility bills.

4. Leave Droppings

Feces or mice droppings left around your home present a clear danger to you and your family members. A mouse's dropping can be filled with bacteria, parasites, and more.

5. Chew Through Wooden Beams and Other Wood Structures

In addition to gnawing on wires, mice also enjoy chewing on wood. This can include wooden beams and the frame of your home. If these wooden structures are damaged, they can weaken the structural integrity of your home.

Keep Mice Away from Your Home with Critter Guard

For such small creatures, mice can wreak havoc in your home or on your property if proper pest control solutions are not implemented. At Critter Guard, our pest control products are designed to help you ensure they never have the chance to settle into your home. To learn more about our pest control solutions, contact us today!