5 Ways to Help Reduce Your Electricity Costs

Electricity rates vary around the world and there are many factors that influence these rates. In order to reduce your electricity costs, there are a few smart moves you can adopt to minimize your electricity consumption. Keep reading to discover a few practices you can implement to help lower your electricity costs.

1. Use Natural Lighting

During the day, switch off bulbs and other illuminating devices using electricity in the house and open windows, to allow natural light to illuminate the room. Turning off lights during the day can help lower your electricity usage and utility bill.

2. Use Alternative Energy Saving Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are energy saving and can help to reduce your electricity usage by up to 30% compared to incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Similarly, LED light bulbs typically have a longer lifespan, thus saving electricity and electricity cost when used at home.

3. Unplug Electronics Not in Use

Unused electronics that remain plugged in account for a significant proportion of electricity use and can significantly increase your electricity rate. To help lower your electricity rate, keep your electronic devices turned off and unplugged when not in use.

4. Maintain Efficiency in Refrigeration

Often, opening the refrigerator several times throughout the day will lead to the refrigerator consuming more electric energy. Thus, it is important to keep the refrigerator closed and only open when you need something. Avoid opening the refrigerator unnecessarily to enhance reduction in electric energy consumption and reduce electricity costs.

5. Install Smart Meters

Smart meters record the electricity consumption behavior of a household. Using smart meters to understand your electricity consumption pattern can help you figure out what appliances or habits or driving your electricity usage and rates.

Reduce Your Electricity Rates with Critter Guard

Another factor that plays a significant role in determining your area’s electricity rate is the amount of maintenance and repairs power lines, utility poles, and other important electrical equipment require.

At Critter Guard, our Line Guard and Pole Guard products help protect important electrical equipment from incurring damage caused by wildlife. This, in turn, helps to reduce the need for utility maintenance and repairs, helping to lower your electricity rate.

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