6 Summer Power Outage Tips

If you find yourself without power this summer, you'll want to do everything you can to preserve food and stay cool inside. Check out these tips to keep your cool during a summer power outage.

1. Don't Open the Fridge

If the power goes out, keep the refrigerator and freezer tightly closed. If you absolutely must open the door, make sure you grab what you need and close it quickly to preserve as much cool air as possible inside. This will help preserve your food and beverages for a longer amount of time, hopefully until the power is restored.

2. Stock Your Refrigerator and Freezer

If you experience a power outage, your refrigerator and freezer will stay cool much longer if they are full of cold food. A freezer that is fully stocked will last twice as long as one that is only half full.

3. Close Your Curtains

Any sunlight that peaks into your home will warm the air and increase the temperature inside. During a summer power outage, keep your home as cool as possible by ensuring any curtains and blinds are closed. You can even take a step further by hanging blankets over windows and lining doors and windows with aluminum foil.

4. Close Your Windows and Doors

Similarly, it's important to keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible. Every time you open the door, you allow precious cool air to escape and the hot, summer air invades your space. Keep doors and windows tightly closed during a summer power outage so your home stays at a comfortable temperature.

5. Take a Cool Shower

Nothing feels quite as refreshing as a cool shower on a hot day. During a summer power outage, cool off with a cold shower, wash your face at the sink with cold water, and let your hair air dry to escape the heat.

6. Have Snacks on Hand

If your power goes out during the summer, it's important to have food on hand. Stock up on shelf-stable food and water so you can grab something to eat without opening the fridge or freezer. Consider buying fresh fruit that doesn't need to be refrigerated as well as bottled water and your favorite snack food.

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