solar panels on roof

A solar attic fan uses solar energy to eliminate excess heat from your attic and replace it with cooler air from outside. There are numerous benefits of opting for solar-powered cooling rather than other cooling systems.

To begin with, it saves you from exuberant maintenance and energy costs. A solar attic fan also reduces the workload on your HVAC cooling system and contributes to the overall goal of sustainability. In order to continue to reap the benefits of a solar attic fan, check out these six tips for maintaining your solar attic fan and keep it in the best possible condition.

1. Keep the Roof and Area Around the Fan Clean

From time to time, check whether there is leftover debris, like branches and leaves, on your roof and fan. Get rid of these objects to protect your roof's integrity and prevent your fan from developing mechanical failures after coming into contact with the debris.

2. Periodically Check the Fan for Damage

It's not unusual for debris to get caught in specific parts of your solar attic fan and cause damage. As you clean your roof and solar attic fan, check for scratches, chippings, and cracks that may decrease the solar panel's functionality.

3. Regularly Clean the Fan's Panels

The fan's solar panels eliminate excess heat and bring in cooler air. As such, layers of pollen and dust may build up on the panel's surface over time, limiting the fan's efficiency. Wipe the panel's surface often, especially if you live in a dry, dusty area, to prevent buildup.

4. Trim Branches that May Be Shading the Fan

Trim tree branches that may obstruct the solar panel's clear line of view to the sun for maximum power efficiency.

5. Check for Rodent Damage

If allowed access to your roof, mice, rats, and squirrels can cause untold damage to your solar attic fan. Inspect your unit for any signs of rodent damage, like chewed wires or damage to the panels.

6. Install Critter Guard's Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc Solutions

To prevent rodents and birds from gaining access to your solar attic fan and causing untold damage, install Critter Guard’s Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc solutions! Our products provide first-hand security against creatures that may damage your solar attic fan. To learn more about our pest control products and how they can help protect your solar power investments from damage, contact us today!