6 Tips to Extend Your Phone's Battery Life in an Emergency Situation

battery level in airplane mode

Being prepared for emergency situations is something commonly overlooked by business and home owners. Making sure your power lines and substations are initially protected from power outages with Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard systems can prevent rodent damage to equipment and keep your business and family safer, avoiding blackouts.

However, if you're not protected and the power goes out, your cell phone could potentially be the only line of communication between you and emergency services. Your television and landline phone won't work, and laptops won't last long without being plugged in. However, your mobile phone's charge can last a surprisingly long time, if you know a few tips and tricks to extend the battery life, so it's alive when you need it most. 

  1. Turn on airplane mode: When your phone is constantly searching for a broadcast signal, it uses up a lot of battery life. Turning your phone on airplane mode will stop your phone from searching for a signal and conserve your battery. It will also keep your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS antennas from searching for a connection. 
  2. Portable chargers: Portable chargers are relatively inexpensive and can be a lifesaver in an emergency. If electricity is unavailable, a car charger in your vehicle cabin (originally the cigarette lighter receptacle) can also provide a way to charge your phone. 
  3. Dim the phone's back light: The backlight is the screen brightness of the phone that allows you to see it outside in the sun. It uses up a lot of battery, so turn it down as low as visibly possible. You might not be able to see as well, but your battery's life will be extended.
  4. Don't use anything unnecessary: Apps like a web browser, camera, and games on your phone can drain the battery. Make sure you only use the phone if you absolutely must. Keep calls short, and try not to send excessive, rambling text messages. 
  5. Don't leave your phone in hot places: Believe it or not, leaving your phone in the sun or a hot car can be detrimental to your phone's charge. The battery will last longer if kept and used at room temperature. Even putting it in your pocket next to your warm body can reduce the charge. 
  6. Turn on a phone's power saver option: Phones have a feature that allows you to save the battery life by reducing screen brightness, automatically closing apps, and more in a battery saving mode. Turn this on as soon as the power goes out to extend the time your phone will stay powered.

Emergency situations can be very stressful, but being informed for disaster is crucial to keeping your cool when these situations arise. In addition, being prepared with Critter Guard's protective systems can avoid power outages in the first place by blocking rodents' access to utility poles and lines. Be prepared, and contact Critter Guard today to learn more!