7 Wires Found on Utility Poles

Your life runs on electricity and being brought to a screeching halt because of a power outage is the last thing you want. While some power outages have natural weather-related origins, a large number of them are caused by animals interfering with wires and utility poles in your area. Discover seven important wires found on utility poles and how Critter Guard can help keep these electrical components and your power protected.

What Wires are On a Utility Pole?

There are seven types of wires commonly found on a utility pole. These wires include:

  1. Static Wire: The static wire sits at the top of the pole and helps dispel power surges that occur during storms, reducing electrical damage.
  2. Grounding Wire: The grounding wire, or grounding conductor, is connected to the static wire and transmission lines and runs down the entire length of the pole. This wire gives a return path for electricity.
  3. Primary Wire: The primary wire is located at the top of the utility pole and runs from a substation to the pole, usually carrying up to 12,000 volts of electricity.
  4. Neutral Wire: Where the primary wire is the path from the substation to the utility pole, the neutral wire is the path back to the substation. This wire helps to balance out the amount of electricity on the system.
  5. Secondary Wire: The secondary wire carries a lower voltage than the primary wire. After electricity is passed through the transformer, the secondary wire provides power to a home or business.
  6. Communication Wire: Communication wires include your telephone, television, and internet connection. The telephone lines are the lowest lines on a utility pole and attach to a steel strand.
  7. Guy Wire: Guy wires are not conducting wires. These wires simply help to stabilize the utility pole.

Deterring Wildlife Disruptions

Critters such as squirrels, birds, snakes, and other rodents may not be able to tell the difference between a utility pole and a tree and can easily access important electrical equipment found on the pole. Any wildlife interaction with electrical equipment has the potential to disrupt your power supply. Fortunately, our humane wildlife controls products can help deter these wildlife disruptions.

Protect Your Power Supply with Critter Guard

At Critter Guard, our products are a humane solution to your animal problems. Our Pole Guard helps home and business owners keep wildlife away from utility poles and electrical equipment, decreasing chances of unpredictable power outages. To learn more about our Pole Guard and other products, contact us today!