9 Power Outage Tips for Commercial Businesses

Commercial businesses need to be prepared for power outages to offset the impact caused. Keep reading as we outline power outage tips for commercial businesses for before, during, and after power outages.

Before a Power Outage

Below are some tips for commercial businesses that they can use before a power outage:

  • Power outage plan: Commercial business owners should draft a power outage plan that they can share with employees. The plan can include evacuation plans, emergency contacts, assigned roles, and a meeting point.
  • Maintain and check backup systems: Commercial business owners should invest in safety backup systems like sprinklers and smoke alarms. These systems are essential during outages and choosing battery-powered alternatives minimizes risks in case of a power outage. These systems should be regularly maintained to ensure that they do not fail.
  • Invest in surge protection: Commercial businesses need to Install surge protection devices to protect their equipment from power surges caused by power outages.

During a Power Outage

Below are some tips for commercial businesses during power outages:

  • Turn-off and disconnect equipment: It is essential to disconnect and turn off your business's equipment to prevent damage from surges. Turning off large appliances minimizes the risk of fire caused by electrical surges.
  • Use MiFi devices to complete operations: MiFi devices or individual wireless hotspots are essential for commercial businesses. They ensure that you can complete critical operations during a power outage like auto-responding to emails.
  • Keep refrigeration equipment doors closed: Food safety is critical during a power outage and temperatures above forty-degrees Fahrenheit pose a risk to perishable foods. Keeping refrigeration doors closed during a power outage prevents cool air from escaping.

After a Power Outage

Below are some tips for business owners to maintain safety once power is restored:

  • Confirm power is restored before operations resume: Even after the restoration of power, it may not be safe to resume operations. Turn lights on to test power and only use major equipment after about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Check damage on appliances and equipment: Always inspect business equipment for damages before resumption of operations. Ensure that you check for any loose wiring.
  • Safely turn off your generator: It is essential to educate employees on how to turn off your commercial business's generator safely. This is critical to avoid damage to equipment or electrocution.

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