A Closer Look at 6 Types of Wildlife Control Methods

Using wildlife control techniques is your best approach if wild animals are causing problems at your home or place of work. Wild animals may be hard to deal with under any condition and can become unpredictable and threatening. Keep reading to discover six types of wildlife control methods that can help keep your home or business free from pests and dangerous wildlife.

1. Habitat Modification

Clearing foliage from your property’s perimeter is a simple alteration that may considerably improve wildlife control. Habitat modification involves depriving the animals of critical sources such as food, water, and shelter within the area. While this method is effective and relatively permanent, it can also bring about the growth of another species.

2. Exclusion

Animal exclusion is a typical step in the process of wildlife management that includes the use of barriers. Tubes, nets, and fences are all examples of barriers that can be used to keep animals out.

3. Toxicants

Toxicants are chemical substances used in the extermination of wild animals. Toxicants can be incorporated with animal management measures, such as habitat alteration and exclusion, to maximize their efficacy. However, toxicants comprise hazardous chemical molecules that disturb biological processes, cause animal reproduction problems, and affect the ecosystem's survival. Thus, we recommend avoiding the use of toxicants as much as possible.

4. Trapping

Humane traps are one of the most common methods for reducing animal-related property damage. The most typical kind of traps are cages and box traps. Experience and training are necessary when using trapping as a wildlife control technique.

5. Repellents

Chemicals known as repellents can control wildlife by inducing unpleasant sensations in the target. Repellents for various wild animals can be purchased from a variety of retailers.

6. Frightening Devices

Frightening devices use various methods, including sound, video, and even live animals, to drive wildlife away from an area. While effective for short term use, wildlife often adjusts to frightening devices over time.

Critter Guard Wildlife Control Products

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