A Guide to Utility Pole Components

There are quite a few components found on utility poles and each piece serves a critical role in keeping electricity flowing to homes and businesses. If not properly protected, these components can become damaged and power disruptions can occur.

At Critter Guard, our goal is to help protect utility poles and their components from critter interference and preserve power. Keep reading to learn about the components found on utility poles and how we can help provide you with uninterrupted power.


Insulators are vital components of electrical power distribution systems and utility poles that prevent electric arcing. Typically made of porcelain or rubber, insulators protect the utility pole by preventing contact between energized wires and the utility pole.


Crossarms are the support structures that hold electrical power lines up on utility poles. Necessary for utility poles with three-wire configurations, crossarms are an essential design element and are responsible for the mechanical stability of overhead power lines.


Cutouts are a valuable piece of equipment found on utility poles that help prevent damage to transformers and other electrical assets. When a problem with a power line or section of the line occurs, the cutout will act like a fuse and open to prevent surges or overloads.

Lightning Arresters

Lightning arresters help to prevent direct lightning strikes from traveling down transmission and distribution lines and causing dangerous surges. Lightning arrestors protect utility poles and other electrical equipment from lightning damage by redirecting electric current to the ground.


Transformers play a critical role in modern electrical networks, converting electricity to different voltages. Pole-mounted transformers decrease the voltage from primary wires for use by business and homeowners. Properly designed transformers reduce energy losses and ensure the efficiency and reliability of the system overall.

Protect Utility Poles with Critter Guard

At Critter Guard, our innovative pole protection product, Pole Guard, helps prevent damage to all components of utility poles, including pole-mounted transformers and connected wires.

The Pole Guard is installed around the base of a utility pole to prevent animals from chewing or climbing up a utility pole, reaching important electrical equipment, and potentially causing power disruptions.

To learn more about the Pole Guard or our other humane wildlife control products and how they can protect power in your area, contact us today!