lightning storm causing power outage

If critters have been destroying the utility poles and power lines in your area, and a non-intrusive solution is needed to protect the structures, Critter Guard’s products are the ideal solution. Critter Guard offers utilities our Line Guard and Pole Guard products, providing high performance from our patented design, quality resins, and efficient manufacturing process. These defensive guards prevent squirrels from climbing up poles to cause problems, and stop rodents from damaging the reachable overhead electrical lines. Not only are Critter Guard guards highly effective, but they are built with durable, well-engineered materials to last for years to come.

Pole Guard is manufactured with Celcon Acetal Copolymer, one the latest materials in engineering technology, and is one of the stiffest, strongest, and most durable materials on the market. The pieces are created through an injection molding process, so there are no vulnerable cracks or lines susceptible to damage, splits, or breaks. The sun is the biggest enemy of plastic products, where plastics lose elasticity and strength, but our UV protectant and material choices prevent this UV and weathering damage.

Line Guard components are made from polypropylene, a dense and resilient material that also guards against weathering, indentation from sharp claws, and damage from impact. They are strong and heavy duty, but also easy on power lines, not even slightly damaging lines in thousands of revolutions in test experiments. These guards have been safely protecting utility poles and overhead lines for over a decade, and they require little maintenance once installed.

Our pole and line protectors offer a long-term solution to your pest problems. Are these guards right for you? If your poles and lines have been affected by rodents and other crawling animals, consider Critter Guard protective products to solve your problems. Contact us today to learn more about these simple, yet effective, feats of ingenuity! If you’ve used Critter Guard to protect your power poles and lines, we’d love to hear from you to share your experiences.