power pole

Critter Guard’s power utility products offer quality and affordable pest control solutions to both homeowners and utility companies. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard are innovative animal mitigation systems that focus on a "no access" approach to prevent squirrel- and rodent-perpetrated power outages. Critter Guard has a defensive, preventive focus with the use of barriers and rollers to safely deter squirrels from getting access to power lines and utilities. How do they work?

Line Guard by Critter Guard features:

  • Jump Barriers with a 12-inch diameter to block power lines from squirrel or rodent activity.
  • 12-inch Line Spinners that rotate to discourage any rodents or squirrels who make it over the barrier from carrying on across the power line.

Pole Guard by Critter Guard features:

  • A patented Acetal resin plate that will stand up to extreme outdoor environments while creating a rodent deterring barrier around poles up to 12 inches in diameter.
  • 360-degree roller system that provides an insurmountable obstacle for even the wiliest squirrels and rodents.

Our guards can be used by utility companies and homeowners alike. They block rodent access and roll them right off the lines and poles. All animal mitigation our guards can be trusted to stand up to extreme weather and wear, as they are precisely engineered with durability and functionality in mind! Line Guard and Pole Guard by Critter Guard are an affordable solution to your squirrel- and rodent-related outages that won't cost you or a critter an arm and a leg!  Why spend thousands of dollars on pest removal or damage repair when you can prevent the animal problem for a fraction of the cost? Contact us to learn more about how Line Guard and Pole Guard power utility products are your animal mitigation solutions. And let us know how these squirrels are meddling across your utility lines and poles. Perhaps Critter Guard guards are right for you!