squirrel climbing tree with acorn in mouth

With their bushy tails and cute, furry faces, you may not think of squirrels as annoying pests. Unfortunately, when it comes to your roof, squirrels and other rodents can cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars of damage, if given the chance and if they find access to your home. Our protective systems are an affordable, ingenious way to keep critters off utility and electric poles and lines to keep your home safe.

Squirrels are Persistent Chewers

Squirrels and rodents have an amazing ability to chew. Their teeth are quite strong and sharp and can decimate nuts and acorns in seconds. Those teeth can also do an astonishing amount of damage to your home. Throughout all seasons, squirrels, rats, and rodents love to seek protection and shelter inside the roofs and attics of homes, and they will work very hard to gain access. They can chew through all kinds of wood, roof shingles, plastic, and even soft stone and cement.

Costs of Home Repair Due to Critters

Repairing damage to your roof is a costly endeavor. Nationally, the average cost of a roof repair is $773, ranging from a low of $335 to a high of $1,225. If you manage to catch the problem early, you may only need to replace a few shingles.

However, once a critter creates an opening in your roof, it can lead to other serious problems. Water can leak into your home, creating water damage and rotting that goes far beyond your roof. Critters also tend to chew on electrical wiring, which can be a fire risk. Critters can take up residence inside your roof or attic, making an unpleasant mess and wreaking havoc inside your home. Getting rid of the pests and doing repairs can easily end up costing a small fortune.

The Best Defense is Prevention 

Trees are a common way for squirrels and rats to gain access to your roof. Trimming them away from your home can be effective in eliminating a pathway to your home.

But another way for critters to reach your roof are power, telephone, and cable lines that must run into your house. Obviously, you can't remove these access points. This is where Critter Guard's Line Guards and Pole Guards can protect you and your home. These humane deterrents prevent squirrels, rats, and other pests from reaching your home by removing their pathways. Using both an effective barrier combined with rollers, critters are stopped in their tracks.

Critter Guard is available worldwide; our products are used across the United States and are also available in Canada, Australia, and across the Pacific. Contact us today to learn how Critter Guard and our protective systems can help you defend your roof from damage from crazy critters and squirrels!