Common Attic-Dwelling Critters

Your attic is a warm, dark, and quiet place, making it an ideal place for various critters to nest, store food, and avoid predators. Keep reading to learn more about common attic-dwelling animals and the actions you can take to prevent these critters from taking up residence in your attic.


One of the attic dwellers that you'll often find mentioned is squirrels.

Squirrels are adept climbers and can squeeze through tiny openings, and you'll typically find them nesting in attics in the spring and autumn months. Due to their constantly growing teeth, these active critters can cause extensive damage to insulation and electrical wiring.


Like squirrels, raccoons are excellent climbers and will often find themselves in attics to find food or a place to build a nest. Raccoons can also cause damage to insulation and wiring, as well as spread dangerous diseases such as rabies.


It's no surprise to many that rats are excellent climbers and can squeeze through tiny holes. Rats enter your home in search of food or shelter, and just like squirrels, they can cause significant damage by gnawing on wood and electrical wiring.


Birds often enter attics through gaps in the roof or open windows. Like other critters, birds can wreak havoc once inside your attic. Their nesting materials can clog gutters and drainage pipes, leading to water damage. Birds can also carry several diseases and can cause various health issues for you and your family.

What You Can Do to Prevent Animals from Accessing Your Attic

A common way animals end up in attics is through openings in the roofline. Gaps around vents, chimneys, and other openings provide easy access for animals looking for a new home.

Start by inspecting the roofline and sealing any gaps you find. In addition, install screening over vents and other openings.

At Critter Guard, we offer a variety of humane wildlife control products that can help to prevent animals from accessing your roof and gaining entry to your attic via utility poles and power lines. We also offer a bird repellant solution to deter birds from roosting and nesting around your home.

Prevent Outages and Damage to Your Home with Critter Guard

Our Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc products at Critter Guard can help keep your power flowing and prevent costly repairs within your home and attic. To learn more about our preventative wildlife control solutions, contact us today!