Common Electrical Issues You May Face During the Summer

Summer is here, and we all look forward to fun-filled vacations and outdoor activities. But did you know electrical issues can dampen your jovial summer mood? With summer heat intensifying, more critters out and about, and an increased demand for electricity, you may face some of the following electrical issues.

Overloaded Circuits

In summer, you may use more electric appliances than in other seasons. Your AC runs the whole day, and you may also switch on fans and other cooling appliances to enhance your comfort. Plugging more gadgets on your circuit causes overloads that may lead to a power trip or outage. Call a professional electrician to upgrade your electrical panel if the problem persists.

Power Surges

Lightning and thunderstorms and an increase in animal activity during the summer can lead to damage to electrical equipment, causing power surges that can damage electrical appliances. Contact a professional to install a power surge protector to reduce the risk of damage.

Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioners are a necessity in summer. However, they can cause electrical issues, such as circuit breaker tripping. You can schedule AC tune-ups and maintenance services to minimize circuit breaker tripping or emergency repairs.

Electrical Fires

Faulty electrical appliances, overloaded circuits, outdated wiring systems, and wildlife interference with electrical equipment can lead to electrical fires in summer. Conduct regular electrical inspections and maintenance to minimize the risk of fires.

Outdoor Electrical Hazards

Summer storms and increased animal activity can lead to damaged electrical equipment and even downed power lines, which can be incredibly dangerous. Check out an article we wrote about downed and low-hanging power lines to learn what to do if you encounter a downed power line.

Wildlife Damages

Like humans, wild animals such as squirrels, rats, and other rodents become more active in summer. That means they can find their way to your home through power poles and lines, leading to electrical wire damage and short-circuiting. However, wildlife electrical damage can be controlled.

At Critter Guard, we provide a wide range of wildlife control solutions that prevent electrical damage from wild animals. To learn more about our wildlife control products and how they can help prevent summer electrical issues, contact us today.