candlelight power due to power outage

We've all experienced a power outage at one time or another. Maybe it was during that thunderstorm, where you had to light some candles and break out the board games. Or that one winter where there was so much snow and ice that it took your provider two days to get the power back on. Surprisingly, outages also occur frequently when critters make their way onto and do damage to power lines, utility poles, and electrical substations. Whenever a power outage happens, though, homeowners run the risk of losses, and not just missing their favorite shows on TV or missing a day or two of work, but actual costs.

The Costs of Power Outages

When most people think of the costs of power outages, they think in terms of physical losses. Food can spoil, which can add up to hundreds of dollars in losses from a fully stocked fridge. While losing food is bad enough, it's also possible to lose medicine, if it needs to be refrigerated. This can represent a health hazard, as well as a financial hardship, and it could lead to extra medical costs.

The risks don't end there, unfortunately. Power outages can present lost income for those who work from home, and actual damages to home-based businesses. Additionally, if someone has electric-powered medical devices at home, then a lack of power poses serious threats to their well-being.

Past all these very physical risks, though, there are the mental costs of power outages. If you can't depend on your power to stay on, that can lead to additional stress and worry. Every time a light bulb flickers, you start thinking what if? Even if the power doesn't go out, you're already halfway down your mental checklist for what to do.

Don't put yourself through that pressure, especially if it isn't necessary. If you want peace of mind regarding your power, be sure to take precautionary steps by protecting what you can. Simply adding Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard can reduce risks of power outages, specifically from small animal interference. Contact us today to learn more how our products supply you with a better sense of security for your power from critter-caused damage.