overhead power lines

Overhead power lines were created long ago, and we have seen multiple transformations of electrical lines since. Fast forward to 2019, and they've become higher in voltage and remain a low-cost solution for large masses of electrical energy. The conductors are the most commonly used source for overhead power lines, which should be protected from damage to retain a steady power source. The two most used metals for the conductors are aluminum and copper, with copper being the standard for electrical conductivity. A benefit of copper is that it is more conductive than aluminum, as aluminum is only about 61% as conductive as copper.

Although the copper price fluctuates while aluminum's total cost remains relatively stable, copper is two times stronger in tensile strength than aluminum. The best way to pick between the two options is to factor in the distance these electrical lines will cover. For short distances, copper is the best option due to its efficiency, whereas aluminum becomes more beneficial in cost and savings for long distances.

Tips on Damage Control

The best way to prevent damage is by following OSHA regulations. These regulations ensure a long-lasting, safe environment. In addition, if setup guidelines are followed properly, wiring can last for decades if cables are not excessively used. Here are more tips to avoid damage:

  • Lock Out - Tag Out Method: Treat all conductors, including de-energized ones, as if they are energized. Only make contact with conductors when they are locked and tagged.
  • Keep circuits and machines routinely locked and tagged out.
  • Make sure all wiring is correct in size and type to avoid overload.

Overhead lines need occasional replacement even when all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed because a squirrel comes along and causes damage. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard are designed to protect your electric power lines, transformers, and other substation equipment, preventing squirrels' and other animals' access from damaging various components and causing costly power outages. To learn more about what Critter Guard can do to help prevent outages in your area, contact us today!