solar panel field

In order to ensure that using electricity will continue to be possible, it is important to explore forms of electricity created by renewable resources. Sustainable energy from the sun, wind, and other natural sources produce power and protect the earth by producing significantly less air pollution than fossil fuel. With electricity being produced, no matter what form, delivering that power to people and companies across the world is important. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard help protect against outages caused by wild animals.

Green Power Sources

Green power sources have become increasingly common in recent years in an effort to stray away fossil fuel and reduce pollution. Green power sources use renewable natural resources to create electricity, rather than burning fossil fuel. Some of the most common green power sources that are currently in use include power created from wind, the sun, water, and geothermal resources.

Converting Natural Power Sources to Electricity

Nuclear fusion is the process that solar power uses to convert hydrogen into helium and mass into energy, which creates electricity. Water, wind, and other renewable natural resources follow similar processes to create forms of electricity that do not require burning fossil fuel.

Importance of Sustainable Resources

Earth will eventually deplete its supply of fossil fuel, the nonrenewable resource burned to create traditional electricity. Not to mention that minimizing the use of fossil fuel would also help to reduce pollution and improve air quality around the world. In order to ensure that using electricity will continue to be possible, it is essential to explore forms of renewable electricity that is created from natural renewable resources.

At Critter Guard, we care about providing dependable electricity to our customers. Critter Guard’s Line Gu/collections/line-guardard and Pole Guard specialize in protecting your electricity from a wide variety of critters. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to promoting sustainable energy and keeping your power safe from animals!