Critter Guard: Protecting Wildlife Around the World

Squirrels may be responsible for the majority of animal-related power outages within the United States, however, wildlife from all over the world can cause the same power-related issues. Fortunately at Critter Guard, our humane wildlife controls products are just as effective at preventing damage and protecting international critters such as monkeys, possums, sloths, and more.


The warm, moist jungles of Indonesia and other countries of Southeast Asia and South America are home to several species of tropical monkeys. Most species of monkeys use vines and branches to travel the forest canopy they call home. However, due to deforestation and other human effects, these monkeys often find themselves swinging on power lines and getting into other dangerous electrical equipment, potentially causing power outages and serious injury or death to the monkey. At Critter Guard, our Line Guard product is designed to prevent monkeys from accessing electrical lines, protecting these creatures from harm.


Not to be confused with the North American opossum, possums are tree-dwelling rodents found in Australia. Possums are excellent climbers and their thick tails give them extra skills by acting much like a fifth leg. They often climb up and down trees to look for food and find a suitable place to nest. When close to human environments, this activity can lead to possums climbing up utility poles and onto power lines, which can be disastrous for both the possum and electricity throughout the area. Fortunately, our Pole Guard and Line Guard products at Critter Guard are designed to prevent possums from climbing onto utility poles and accessing dangerous electrical lines.


Sloths are found in rainforests throughout Central America and South America. These creatures spend the vast majority of their time climbing and hanging from tree branches, to find food and to sleep. Since many power lines are located near trees, sloths can easily climb onto and hang from power lines. This can often lead to the sloth’s demise and power disruptions. At Critter Guard, our Line Guard product is an excellent tool to deter sloths from climbing onto dangerous power lines.

Protect Wildlife with Critter Guard

At Critter Guard, we are proud to offer international shipping of our humane wildlife control products to help protect animals and power all over the world. To learn more about our Line Guard and Pole Guard products and the wildlife we help protect, contact us today!