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While many power lines now sit below ground, those above still pose significant risks. Not only are power lines susceptible to critters, like squirrels, causing outages that leave you powerless, but they are also dangerous. While Critter Guard systems can prevent power outages that impact your home or business, awareness and caution will help you avoid the dangers of power lines.

What Happens If You Touch a Power Line?

Electricity looks for a pathway to the ground even if that pathway is through your body. Touching a power line completes the path, and electricity can surge through (you). Even touching a power line indirectly is dangerous. An accidental touch against a wire with anything conductive (like a gardening tool or tree branch) is dangerous. While water and metal are among the best conductors, even tools, ladders, and even party decorations can provide an adequate pathway for electricity.

Moving Power Lines Underground

New neighborhoods seek to build new power lines underground. Not only are underground power lines more aesthetically pleasing and able to accommodate a growing infrastructure, but they are also safer because they are insulated and out of the way. Plus, underground power lines save money for businesses who lose thousands of dollars each year on power outages, many of which are caused by critters. Simply put, underground power lines are more reliable. Unfortunately, they are still quite expensive to implement.

Safety Tips for Power Lines

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that all power lines are insulated. Always assume power lines are live and could electrocute if touched. These additional tips will help you stay safe outside:

  • If a power line falls near your car, stay inside. Your car will protect you while you wait for assistance.
  • Ensure all power tools you use outside are grounded and dry.
  • Never trim a tree touching power lines. Call for professional help.
  • Check for power lines before you set up a ladder or climb atop your roof.

Protect your home or business from power outages with Critter Guard systems, which block rodents from accessing your power lines and utility poles. We provide a means of insurance against power outages when lines are critter-damaged and dangerous. Contact us to learn more about our products today.