Diesel vs. Propane Generators: Choose the Right One for Your Home or Business

generator during snow time

A backup generator can really come in handy for businesses and homeowners in the event of a power outage. It steps in when you are disconnected from the grid. There are several types of generators to choose from depending on specific needs, such as:

  • How much power is needed
  • Safety and permit issues
  • Utility requirements and building regulations
  • Fuel availability

Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of diesel and propane generators and discover which one might work best for your home or business.

Propane Generator Pros

  • Readily available. Propane is readily available in many home improvement and some convenience stores throughout the U.S. In most areas, propane can even be delivered to your home or business in standard sized tanks.
  • Does not degrade in storage. Propane will not degrade in storage so it can be stored indefinitely in anticipation of a power outage. This makes it a viable generator option for those who rarely use their generator.
  • Quieter to operate. Propane generators run much quieter compared to diesel generators. They conveniently provide power without the noise associated with backup generators.

Propane Generator Cons

  • Less efficient. Due to propane’s low energy density, propane generators produce less energy per gallon of fuel, making them less efficient than diesel generators.
  • Shorter life expectancy. Propane generators are more maintenance-intensive compared to diesel generators, and will likely need to be replaced sooner than diesel generators.
  • Requires a storage tank. While propane is one of the cheaper fuel options, propane generators require an external storage tank and associated piping, which can lead to a more expensive overall cost.

Diesel Generator Pros

  • More efficient. Diesel generators are more economical and efficient than propane generators. A diesel generator uses ⅓ of fuel to generate the same amount of power.
  • Low Maintenance. Diesel generators are less susceptible to breakdowns and thus require less maintenance. They also have a longer life expectancy.
  • More horsepower. Diesel has a higher energy density than propane, and you will get more energy burning through the same amount of diesel compared to propane.

Diesel Generator Cons

  • More expensive. Diesel engines are typically more expensive, mainly due to Tier 4 regulations.
  • Louder operation. Diesel generators are usually operate louder than propane generators.
  • Fuel can be hard to find. Though diesel is more widely available than in the past, it is quickly bought out and can be hard to find during power outages.

How Critter Guard Can Reduce Your Need for a Generator

While backup generators are convenient, they can be dangerous if mishandled. Remember to follow safety precautions when using your backup generator.

At Critter Guard, our products help prevent animal-related power outages, reducing the amount of times you’ll need to use your backup generator. To learn more about how our humane wildlife control products can help prevent frequent power outages in your area, contact us today!