Downed Power Line Driving Safety: What to Do When Danger Strikes

Downed Power Line Driving Safety: What to Do When Danger Strikes

Driving on the open road can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, but unexpected hazards can quickly wreak havoc with even the best-planned trips. One such danger is encountering a downed power line while behind the wheel. Downed power lines pose a significant risk to drivers, and it's crucial to know how to react in such a situation to ensure your safety and that of others on the road.

The Danger of Downed Power Lines for Drivers

A downed power line can be a life-threatening hazard for drivers. These high-voltage lines can cause severe injuries or death upon contact. When they touch a vehicle, the entire car can become electrified. In addition to posing a risk of electrocution, downed power lines can also start fires that threaten anyone nearby.

What to Do if a Power Line Falls On Your Car

  1. Stay Inside: Your first instinct might be to exit the vehicle, but you should stay inside. Rubber tires provide insulation, reducing the risk of electrocution.
  2. Call for Help: Dial 9-1-1 on your mobile phone or ask someone nearby to do so. The power company will be notified to shut off the electricity in your location.
  3. Warn Others: Use your vehicle's horn and lights to alert others if it is safe to prevent other accidents.
  4. Wait for Professionals: It's essential to wait for professionals to arrive and assess the situation. They will safely de-energize the line and ensure your safety.

Evacuating Safely in Case of Fire or Smoke

If a power line has fallen on your car and there's smoke or fire, here's what to do to evacuate safely:

  1. Remove Loose Items: Remove all loose or flammable items, such as clothing and jewelry, as they can easily catch on fire.
  2. Open Vehicle Door: Open the car door, but do not step out. This is a safety measure in case you need to exit quickly.
  3. Jump Clear of the Car: When it is necessary to exit the vehicle due to smoke or fire, jump out with your feet together, ensuring they touch the ground at once. This helps prevent electricity from flowing through your body.
  4. Shuffle Away: Shuffle or hop away from the car while keeping your feet together. To minimize the risk of electrical conduction, never let any part of your body touch the ground and vehicle simultaneously.

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