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When it comes to keeping your home a safe and comfortable space, pest control is essential. Critters such as squirrels, mice, rats, and even birds can find their way into your home if prevention methods are not put in place and wreak havoc on your roof, insulation, electrical wiring, and wooden structures. They can also carry dangerous diseases that could potentially spread to you, your pets, and your family. To keep pests out of and away from your home, it is important to implement pest control solutions. Check out these humane pest control solutions to keep your home pest-free.

Install Ultrasonic Rodents Repellents

Ultrasonic repellents are pest repellent devices that emit sounds undetectable by the human ear but picked up by rodents such as mice, rats, and squirrels. These high-frequency sounds disturb and drive rodents away from your home. Ultrasonic rodent repellents can be plugged into outlets throughout your entire home, or in areas where rodents could potentially enter.

Erect Rodent-Proof Mesh

Installing rodent-proof mesh is another humane way to keep mice and rats out of your home. Rodent-proof mesh is made of interwoven metal wires that rodents cannot chew, break, or fit through, denying rodents’ access to your home. Rodent-proof mesh comes in different sizes to prevent both rats and mice and can be installed in air vents, exposed pipes, foundation vents, gutters, floor drains, and any other place you wish to prevent rodents from entering.

Bird Deterrents

To keep birds from invading your home and away from your important electrical equipment, there are a couple humane solutions you can put in place. Similar to ultrasonic rodent repellents, ultrasonic bird repellents can also be installed around your home to keep birds away.

To keep birds away from power lines, utility poles, and other electrical equipment near your home, Critter Guard’s BirdBloc is an excellent solution. BirdBloc produces a scent disliked by birds, discouraging them from roosting or nesting on or around critical electrical equipment.

Install Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard Products

Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard products are extremely effective, humane pest control solutions that can be installed to prevent curious wildlife from entering your home and interfering with your power. The Line Guard keeps critters from traveling across power lines while the Pole Guard prevents them from climbing up utility poles and onto transformers and power lines.

Contact Critter Guard

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