Effective Ways to Feed Squirrels Without Turning Them Into a Nuisance

Effective Ways to Feed Squirrels Without Turning Them Into a Nuisance

Squirrels are nifty and acrobatic animals that will eat anything you give them, from vegetables to nuts and some types of fungi. Feeding squirrels gives them a dependable source of food, which enables them to stay nourished and healthy. However, feeding squirrels can quickly cause them to become a nuisance due to frequent visits and may even lead to an infestation if not properly handled.

If you wish to feed squirrels at your home, check out these tips to learn how to feed them without turning them into a nuisance.

Provide Natural Foods

Avoid providing human food to squirrels as it may attract them to the food inside of your home, possibly leading to an infestation. Corn cobs, nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects are some of the best organic, unprocessed foods to give squirrels. Such foods contain high amounts of fat, carbohydrates, and protein, which are essential for the health of squirrels.

Create a Squirrel Feeder Space

Establishing a feeding space is among the most effective ways to keep squirrels away from your garden, bird feeders, and your home. This ensures these animals stick to a specific feeding spot, rather than scouring your entire home searching for food. For instance, you can place feeders underneath a pear tree further from your house.

Secure Your Trash

Securing trash can lids tightly and burying food scraps deeply in compost piles can help prevent critters from becoming a nuisance in your home. Unsecured trash bags typically attract squirrels since they hang around them to find food and water easily. Keeping trash secure helps eliminate attractions that can result in a nuisance.

Use Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are another squirrel magnet that provides these mammals with tasty grains, seeds, nuts, and fruits. With their small, flexible bodies, squirrels can easily climb and access these feeders, causing a nuisance. Having squirrel-proof bird feeders helps keep these animals within the designated feeding area where they can find food.

At Critter Guard, our humane wildlife control solutions can allow you to feed squirrels in a designated area while simultaneously preventing these critters from accessing your home and important electrical equipment. To learn more about our Line Guard and Pole Guard products, contact us today!