Electrical Contractors' Role in Educating Clients About Animal Hazards

Electrical Contractors' Role in Educating Clients About Animal Hazards

Most electrical contractors have a litany of stories about animal-caused electrical outages. Birds, squirrels, opossums, and snakes are only a few of the many creatures that can wreak havoc on electrical infrastructure. Whether it is chewing through cables or nesting, these animals put themselves and your clients’ electrical systems at risk. As an electrical contractor, you can help provide easy solutions to prevent animals from accessing vulnerable components.

Because of the unique experiences that happen over time spent in the electrical industry, electrical contractors are best suited for offering anecdotal advice to protect and educate their clients about the risk they have of suffering animal-caused electrical damage. Electrical contractors may offer solutions that cater to the individual and the unique needs of their property.

Financial and Operational Repercussions of Animal-Induced Electrical Damage

The financial hardship of animal-induced electrical damage varies in size. One event may lead to a small and short-lived power disruption, while another may cause significant long-lasting damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

Operational repercussions of electrical damage included losses caused by the loss of power to electrical equipment or damage to the electrical components of these items. This results in additional financial losses such as food spoilage from inactive refrigerators and the costly replacement of damaged components on computers and televisions.

While a small animal-caused power outage may cause an inconvenience, a large interruption with extensive damage can empty a bank account. This is why it is important to make the small investment in preventive measures.

Electrical Contractors are the First Line of Defense

Electrical contractors are the first and best line of defense against critter-caused electrical damage because they've seen it all, and they recognize their clients’ risk. They see the pole or powerline that serves as a bridge to building roofs for climbing critters, and they know what will stop them.

At Critter Guard, our wildlife control solutions are designed to help prevent animal-induced electrical damage. If you’re an electrical contractor, consider adding Critter Guard's wildlife control products to your arsenal to help your clients limit their risks of electrical damage. To learn more about our products and how you can become an authorized reseller and installer of our products, contact us today!