lit up strands of fiber optic cable

Fiber optics is one of the newer technologies in Internet and communication services. The installation and use of fiber for a homeowner's Internet service have been touted and the source of envy for those that don't yet have the option. They're an investment that should be protected, but what is the fuss about?

Advantages of Fiber

Fiber optic cables are transparent, flexible cables that are easy to install that can transmit data faster over longer distances without losing quality. Unlike copper, it is immune to electromagnetic interference. Fiber is a secure method to carry sensitive information; it's very difficult to tap since emissions would not be transmitted. The fiber cable is light, flexible, and cheaper to make with the plentiful resource of glass versus copper.

What homeowners care about is the increased speed and reliability of their communication services. Fiber optics can transmit a great amount of information in a shorter time, thus labeling it speedy compared to other wires. The speed is dependent on the device it is used on, though, and newer electronics will be faster than older ones, sometimes 10 times or more faster in data transmission!

Disadvantages of Fiber

Although fiber is flexible, it can break if faced with a hard bend. It takes a technical specialist to splice and install the fiber and special equipment during installation. Because fiber can be cut, it is sometimes damaged in installation. Although the overall expected costs are more beneficial in the long-run, the initial installation can be expensive.

When the fiber is installed in overhead installations, it is susceptible to damage by gnawing, pesky squirrels and other critters. Our squirrel friend will chew on (not eat) anything! They will chew on metal, wood, or plastic; whatever is available. The squirrel chews out of curiosity and to keep teeth worn down and maintained. 

Protective barriers need to be installed on overhead lines to protect wires like fiber optics from squirrel traffic. Squirrels are not just cute critters running the lines; they will chomp and destroy the lines, costing utilities a pretty penny. Therefore, Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard systems offer a cost-saving solution to keep these tiny animals at bay. Contact us for more information and to learn how to keep squirrels from chewing away your fiber optic and electrical lines.