Fines and Protective Laws for Critters – Rodents Have Rights Too!

squirrel eating acorn

Did you know that a squirrel lurking in the rafters of your house may be protected by law? In some states, squirrels are illegal to house or keep as pets, so are you breaking the law allowing the squirrel to stay in your house? Maybe. In addition, states like Washington and Oregon have extra protection for wildlife that come with penalties if they are neglected and put in harm’s way, so it is important to keep these critters out and avoid any burdening responsibilities. Protective systems like our Line Guard and Pole Guard will do just that, so you can live more worry-free.

Laws are strict in some states, where there may be regulations against non-native squirrel species mixing with native squirrels, by enforcing the ridding of non-native squirrels. Squirrels, chipmunks, and rodents are considered wildlife and have rights under the Animal Welfare Act, even when invading or damaging home and business structures.

Also, under the Endangered Species Law, “all species of plants and animals, except pest insects, are eligible for listing as endangered or threatened.” This means that animal welfare must be taken seriously. If a rodent sleeping near the warm wiring of your home gets electrocuted and sets the building on fire, there is a possibility that you or the power company may be held responsible for neglecting to prevent injury or danger to wildlife and the community.

Power companies and businesses regularly pass inspections to prevent fire and harm to the public and customers. They take precautions to avoid damages. Homeowners, on the other hand, generally inspect their own homes for fire prevention and safety concerns, or they rely on service companies to spot problems. Around homes, rodents, snakes, and other wildlife may enjoy living near the warmth from electric wiring inside of walls. They also gain access to electric utility lines and poles, causing damage that could lead to a fire. All of which a homeowner could easily not know, and yet, could face consequences of neglect.

The smartest, most efficient way to prevent these critters from getting into unwanted places and to prevent hefty fines for human neglect is to install our system of protective barriers for electrical lines and utility poles. Contact us to learn more about our safe, humane prevention system to avoid critters invading homes, shops, and businesses to save you money in unforeseen damages and to keep everybody and every critter safe.