playing chess during blackout

Today’s activities often revolve around TV, computer, and other electronic use, but when there’s a power outage due to squirrel-related utility damage, there are plenty of other leisure activities to do to pass time. Our cell phones may last a short while, but eventually, the house or office becomes silent and dark. Critter Guard can help prevent power outages by blocking critters' access and damage to utility poles and lines, a common cause of power interruptions. But if you've been hit by a power outage (that is, hopefully you're reading this before it hits, and you have unfortunately not yet protected yourself from the dark downtime), consider some of these activities to help you keep your sanity while you await power restoration.

  • Play tabletop games – Bust out your board games, recollect your card games, and reacquaint yourself with the rules. Play with friends, family members, or neighbors, and remember the slower pace and charm of a simple roll of the dice.
  • Take a walk and exercise – If there's still daylight, take a walk and visit with your neighbors or office mates. Sit with them outside, or invite them to join you on your walk. Get to know each other better. Go to the nearest park for a jog, or ride your bike around and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Express yourself artistically – Paint or draw something, or decorate your office space. Let your imagination take over while you await in darkness.
  • Write a letter – Remember your relatives or any friend would love a physical note or letter. Write to someone you haven't seen in a while.
  • Carefully light a fire – If it is cold, cozy up around the fireplace and tell stories, or just sip on a warm drink and roast marshmallows.
  • Read a book – Catch up on that novel you have been meaning to read for ages. Learn something new.
  • Eat – If the outage goes on for hours, eat to pass time, but also, to keep unrefrigerated food from ruining or spoiling.
  • Take a nap – By the time you wake up, the power may have returned, and you will be refreshed!

These are just a few ideas to help keep you entertained and preoccupied until power returns due to unprotected, critter-damaged utility systems. Protect yourself next time with Critter Guard systems, preventing blackouts by installing Line Guard and Pole Guard that block rodents (especially squirrels) from gaining access to power substations and power lines. Contact us if you would like to discuss our power outage protection systems for your home or office today before you become powerless.