power lines as sun sets

Going green is more than just a trend, and it seems to be an inevitable part of a growing, changing energy landscape. Solar panels and energy-efficient bulbs are two of the most common green ways to use energy, but there are other less popular alternatives that will do good the planet.

Switching to Green Power

First and foremost, a great first step is to call your current energy provider and see if they offer a green alternative. If so, switching over reduce utility costs and help save the environment. Instead of gas or electricity, your home could be powered by wind turbines, hydroelectricity, solar panels, and more.

Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar light energy turning to electricity using solar panels is most thought of when considering harnessing the power of the sun, but water can also benefit from solar effects. Solar can be used to heat up water for dishwashing, laundry, showers, and basic everyday needs. According to ENERGY STAR, your hot water bill could be cut in half with solar hot water heating methods. In certain states, tax breaks and money back can be lucrative if you decide on installing a solar hot water system.

Around the House Energy Saving

Window replacement and quality insulation jobs can save on the heating bill over time, if these are done efficiently to conserve energy properly. Landscaping also has the potential to be a great energy saver. Trees can soak up solar energy and provide shade in the summer. Certain landscaping can also block wind in the winter, leaving you with a toastier home.

We all want to save money, and when it comes to going green, we don't have to make drastic sacrifices. Some of these green initiatives require equipment, and they become susceptible to animal damage. Protect them from curious critters. Contact us to learn about our Line Guards and Pole Guards to make sure that your newfound, energy-saving equipment stays out of the paws of damage-inducing critters in your yard.