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When looking at home insurance options, most homeowners want to know that they cover the basics. They want policies to cover them in the event of a fire, a flood, vandalism or burglary, high wind damages, and more. You can usually find an insurance company and customize a policy that covers those things. However, there is one disaster that almost no home insurance policy will cover, and it is also one of the most common things to cause damage that home and business owners often neglect to consider. You should search for coverage for pest damage, though many insurance companies don't cover it. Instead, look to preventative measures with Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard systems.

Insurance for Your Home

Homeowners insurance is available to most people who own their house. It is designed to help you if your home suffers unexpected damages. Most of the time, it is a great way to protect yourself from losing everything you own to Mother Nature's fury or unforeseen situations. Basic insurance will cover damage from fire, wind storm, hail, and other natural elements. A higher priced insurance may also cover flood and earthquake damage, but usually, rodent damage is not something that an insurance company will touch. It often comes in the form of squirrels or raccoons getting into the home through the attic, basement, or walls by traversing utility lines and poles.

The Damage Rodents Cause

When you have squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents and raptors in your home, you have a lot to worry about: they can spread diseases, bring in fleas, and more. However, the worst part is the potential damage that they can cause. These include:

  • Chewed wiring
  • Ripped out insulation
  • Lost food
  • Damaged wood
  • Lost keepsakes
  • and structural damage

Each type of rodent can be more active during certain times of the day. For instance, mice are mostly active in the mornings or evening hours and squirrels may run through your attic all day causing damage as they go.

Protect Yourself from Rodents

Just because homeowner's insurance does not cover rodent damage does not mean you have to fight the battle alone. One of the easiest things to do is take preventive measures to ensure that critters do not have easy access to your home. You can do this by sealing cracks, eliminating weeds or tree limbs that come near your home, keeping food in easily closed metal containers, and by occasionally checking the exterior of your home for potential entry areas.

Most importantly, you may also choose to protect electric lines and power poles with our smartly designed systems. They can ensure you never have to worry about a critter or squirrel gaining access to your house. For more information about protecting your home, contact us.