homes needing protection from squirrels in nearby trees

Pests of all kinds can cause an abundance of problems to roofs, including scratches, waste build-up, gnaw-marks, and other damage. Keeping rodents, birds, and insects away from a rooftop is best. Take these simple maintenance steps to aid in keeping your roof pest-free.

Trim Back Foliage in the Area

If there are tree limbs near a rooftop, the chances of pests using them as a bridge to the top of a home is rather strong. Trimming limbs away from the house is best so squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and other pests do not use them to get to the home. In addition, the rooftop will not suffer from excessive moisture, which often attracts pests.

Clean A Rooftop Often

Taking time to clean a roof will help in keeping pests from getting too cozy. Use a roof broom to brush away loose debris that could be used as nesting material. Knock away spider webs and check that insects have not harbored underneath shingles. A garden hose can also be used to reduce debris build-up, helping to make the roof less attractive to pests in general.

Install Gutter Guards to Minimize Nesting

Many creatures use gutters as pathways to the rooftop. Not only will they scurry through a gutter system, but they may also take up residence inside, leading to damage and other roofing problems. Installing gutter guards will keep nesting critters at bay. Gutter guards will also allow moisture to be diverted through a gutter system without unnecessary pests in the way.

If pests have been accessing your rooftop, take some time to do these maintenance steps. If you find critters continue to hop to the top of your house, they’ve still got an easy access point. Contact us today to learn more about how our Line Guard and Pole Guard products can prevent rodent access to your roof using your overhead lines that provide electricity, cable TV, and internet service to your home.