How Critter Guard Can Protect Your Home from Mischievous Squirrels

squirrel gaining roof access

If left unchecked, squirrels can cause considerable damage to your home. Chewing through wiring and burrowing into insulation, their shenanigans can even cause power outages. Minimize the risk to your property with Critter Guard.

The Problem with Squirrels

Squirrels are very agile and their small bodies make it easy for them to get into tiny spaces. Year-round, these rodents look for warm, safe places to build nests and stockpile food. Attics are one of the top places they inhabit.

Once squirrels get in, it's difficult to get them out. If they happen to breed, your house can go from having one set of teeth gnawing through wires and wood, to four or more sets. According to the American Public Power Association, squirrels are the top cause of power outages across the U.S. One squirrel can leave an entire neighborhood in the dark just by jumping on a transformer. Their influence causes headaches, downtime, and can be quite costly.

Critter Guard to the Rescue

The best way to deal with squirrels is to prevent them from accessing electrical systems and gaining entrance to your home. At Critter Guard, we’ve developed a humane solution to protect your home from squirrels and other critters. Our Line Guard system keeps them off overhead power lines with a system designed to prevent traction. Five 12" rollers are flanked on both ends by two free-spinning wheels that act as a jump barrier. If the animal succeeds in getting over the barrier, it will spin off the rollers. The whole assembly is five feet in length and should be professionally installed.

Our Pole Guard system is a circular resin plate designed to fit around a 10- or 12-inch diameter pole or tree. It is meant to stop critters from climbing up and accessing power lines, transformers, or your roof. If a squirrel tries to get onto the plate, it will be deterred by one of seven polypropylene rollers fitted around the perimeter. This 360-degree impassable protection comes with mounting hardware for steel, wood, concrete, or fiberglass poles.

Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products can be combined for maximum protection. To protect your home and power from mischievous squirrels, contact us today!