power lines and transformers delivering electricity across vast distance

An electrical grid is a sophisticated yet fascinating and essential system in our daily lives. The electric grid connects and distributes power to many towns and cities miles away from one another. Many things happen behind the scenes to bring forth the electricity in people's homes, businesses, and companies, yet many people don’t usually think much about the electrical grid until a power outage occurs. The electrical grid consists of various parts and systems and keeping these systems functioning properly is important to our everyday lives.

Individual Generators

There are different ways and sources of generating electricity, such as nuclear, coal, hydroelectric dams, solar panels, and wind turbines. After the generation of electricity, it's supplied to various entities that are connected to the national power grid.

Electric Delivery System

The generated electricity is delivered through transmission lines which carry very high voltage and connect regions that are over thousands of miles apart. Electricity can either be transmitted by underground or overhead means. Transformers are stationed periodically and are used to boost up power as it covers more area, as the electric power reduces as it is being transmitted from the source.

Evolution of the Electric Grid

The electric grid has changed tremendously from the 20th century when it was small and localized. Initially, there were two types: the direct current and the alternative current. During and after the Second World War, the demand for electricity shot up, hence the need to come up with alternative sources. The increase in the production of electricity has led to the enormous economic growth that has been witnessed all over America. Industries rely on electricity for the operation of most of their functions.

Power outages affect the overall output of the power grid and can be caused by a number of different factors. One cause being damage done to power lines and utility poles by squirrels and other wildlife. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard systems help to prevent these critters from accessing power lines and causing potentially damaging power outages. To keep electricity running smoothly in your area, contact Critter Guard today.