machinery fixing power outage

One animal's misfortune can affect an entire community's ability to function. Because of this, it is important to implement safeguards against such accidents from ever happening. This is where Critter Guard comes through to not only protect consumers from inconvenient power outages that can affect their livelihood, but the critters as well.

Power outages can be anything from a slight flicker of light to an hours-long, even days-long, inconvenience, which can knock a whole community off the grid. To measure the effects of power outages, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) looks at two points of data, the frequency of outages and the duration. From here, they put the outage in two different categories—major events and non-major events. A major event, such as a flood or other weather disaster will inherently have a longer outage, but the outages caused by non-major events are the ones which provide the most accurate assessment of how companies respond to the outages. In 2016, the EIA found that while municipal companies experienced outages that were under two hours, those customers who were at the liberty of investor-owned electric companies saw double that amount. With averages Iike these, companies, both municipal and investor-owned, have room for improvement. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard come into play to help reduce the damage done by wayward critters.

Critter Guard, located in Columbia, MO but serves customers worldwide, uses a variety of different tactics and technology to effectively and humanely deter animals from getting into power lines, transformers, and other electrical equipment in substations. Not only focusing on the power companies, but homes and small businesses as well, Critter Guard is here to prevent smaller scale damage done by critters to electric lines, and cable and phone lines as well. Whether you are protecting your home your community from sudden loss of power, contact us today and secure your home or business.