pole guard protecting substation powered by IEDs

Power System Automation

Power system automation is the act of using computers and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) to generate and deliver power. The automated system inside the substation receives various forms of input and uses those to monitor and control the power delivery system. Power system automation controls functioning and supervision responsibilities in the same way that an operator would.

IEDs in Substation Automation

Substation automation using intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) is the integration of automated technology within the substation. The goal of substation automation is to "optimize the management of capital assets and enhance operation and maintenance efficiencies" (EEP). In addition, by removing human interventions from the operation of substations, companies reap the benefits of long-term fiscal savings.

In the traditional approach without use of IEDs, "the relays had hardwired inputs from the instrument transformers, and from the relays, hardwires carried the trip signals to the circuit breakers" (EEP). Today, the modern approach is known as IED, "the information from instrument transformers will reach the relay IEDs via LAN, then relays exchange information via LAN..." (EEP).

Automation Tasks

Substation automation requires special and expensive pieces of equipment that ensures a variety of tasks can be accomplished by the automation system. These tasks include:

  • Efficiency and reliability increases of electrical protection
  • Fault analysis
  • Control of display, real-time
  • Advanced supervisor control by use of remote
  • Increased integrity and safety of the electrical power network, interlocking functions
  • Advanced automation functions- intelligent load-shedding

Critter Guard Systems Protect Automation Systems

Monitoring and control of power delivery systems in the substation and on the pole top reduce the occurrence of outages and shorten the duration of outages that do occur. Critter Guard’s systems are the humane way you can protect your expensive and special equipment systems. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard will work to prevent power outages and block rodents' access to utility poles and lines. For more information about taking proactive measures to protect your equipment, contact Critter Guard today.